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Information for non-professionals

This information is for the international aniridia community

Registration for non-professionals to the conference and the eye-clinic is now closed. Registration for professionals is still open.

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The Norwegian Association of Aniridia (Aniridi Norge) is pleased to announce that during the weekend of June 8th – 10th in Oslo, Norway it is organized the 1st European conference on aniridia for scientists as well as an international aniridia gathering for the aniridia community.

International Aniridia gathering 8th - 10th of June

Aniridi Norge will have their annual meeting and social gathering in Oslo at the same weekend as the scientific conference and there will be a joint program for the aniridia community on Sunday the 10th. People with aniridia and their families are most warmly invited to participate in the annual meeting, exchange of experiences and the social activities which take place in connection with the annual meeting. This also includes English-speaking European and international aniridia friends.

In relation to language, we will try to be as flexible as we can and we will have some alternative activities in English. There will also be activities for children and youth. Unfortunately, we have no possibility to financially subsidise any participation for international guests. There is no cost for participating in the aniridia community gathering (except the programme on Sunday June 10th which is a part of the scientific conference – see further down).

The scientific conference 8th - 10th of June

The conference is a traditional conference for professionals although there is an additional day giving the aniridia community the possibility to benefit from listening to some of the scientists who on this day will address the aniridia community directly. The conference will take place from Friday the 8th of June to Sunday the 10th of June, whereof the first two days will be the scientific conference addressing the professionals and the third day, Sunday June 10th, will be addressing the aniridia community.

The programme which takes place on Friday the 8th of June and on Saturday the 9th of June, as stated above, primarily addresses doctors and other professionals. The language will be in advanced English and on a rather high medical technical level. However, non-professionals who want to listen in on the first two days of the conference, are welcome to do so. The conference fee for non-professionals for these two days is NOK 1300,-. Lunch, coffee/tea and light snacks are included in this price. The conference is not open for non-professionals to get involved in discussions or ask questions directly to the professionals in this part of the conference.

The programme on Sunday the 10th will address non-professionals and it will be held together with participants at the international aniridia gathering meeting. The conference fee for this day will be NOK 650,- (including lunch, coffee/tea and light snacks).

What can you do to help us?

By advocating and motivating your own doctors to participate on the conference, you help us all to achieve our common aim

If you can not find the information you are looking for on this website, European and International aniridia community participants, please feel free to contact Mr. Neven Milivojevic on or phone +46706390068.